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    Bob Weichler. Front-end web developer in Antwerpen.

    Bob Weichler. <span>Front-end web developer in Antwerpen.</span>

    I’m a 25-year old enthusiastic, result-oriented and hardworking web developer from Belgium. I studied Interactive Multimedia Development and started creating websites and applications for companies or individuals during my studies. My energetic and cooperative attitude made me a perfect team player and helped me to combine work and studies perfectly. After my graduation, I worked one year in New York for a web design agency called Night Owl Interactive. When my American visa expired, I came back to Belgium and started full-time on my own. I still work for Night Owls New York and also as a freelance web consultant for anyone who needs help with development.

    Most of the time I’ll be working in the ‘Fosbury & Sons’ offices in Antwerp or Brussels. I’ll be happy to invite you over to discuss your project and will make sure a good coffee will be ready! For a quick introduction you may contact me through Skype, Whatsapp, email or simply by phone.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interest!

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    I help companies or individuals communicate with their clients through the online world. Most of my projects are websites with the purpose of attracting more, better and bigger clients, but I'll do problem solving web applications for your company as well. I can start completely from scratch with you (design + code), or start building on a design or website that you already have. All my projects are responsive for every device, cross-browser compatible and will come with a basic SEO package to promote your brand new website!